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There is nothing better than ending your day with a healthy, wholesome, and nutritious dinner. Sometimes you need an easy plant based recipe to do the job!  Nourishing the body with a variety of vibrant ingredients from the Earth is like putting in a fresh battery to reboot the energetic frequency of the mind. For us it is through a combination of a warm creamy broccoli soup and a super nutrient dense summer salad. 

The combination of the comfort soup and a raw salad makes the taste buds and sensations feel like theres a healthy party in the mouth. Yup, thats right…bring out the party hats. 

Plus adding some tasty fruit like a papaya or a peach to the summer salad is the perfect way to bring a little sweetest to a savoury and raw meal. Not too heavy and still super filling, this soup and salad combination is a must in our own home. 

This recipe was taken out of our new Detoxify Program, which is seven day clean eating and detoxifying program that aims to rest, reset, and revitalize your body & mind through a whole-food, nutrient dense, plant based eating plan AND supportive daily detox yoga classes.

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