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Rise to Your Next Level

A 7-day mind & body yogic attunement. Yoga, Meditation & breath-work designed to balance your chakra system. Through this at-home course you resonate at your highest frequency on and off the mat.

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New Generation Fitness

A fitness program designed to push you past your limitations to realize an entirely new potential. A program so effective it not only transforms how you look on the outside, but more importantly how you feel on the inside.

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9 Months of Support

Yoga, fitness, and mindfulness classes designed for each Trimester of pregnancy. Your yoga instructor, physical trainer & spiritual companion for the entire nine month journey.

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This is the next level – a comprehensive collection of Yoga, Meditation, and Fitness programs that hyper-focus on specific areas of your practice… taking your personal practice to new heights.

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At-Home Yoga Retreat

A 7-day yoga retreat you can experience in the comfort of your own home. Through an exploration of Yoga, this retreat will help you dive deeper into your soul to heal, rediscover, and reconnect to all that you are.

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Plant-Based Detox

Let food and self-care be thy medicine through this seven day clean eating and yoga detox program that aims to rest, reset, and revitalize your body and mind.

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Three Programs in One

Pilates, yin yoga & yoga workouts all carefully designed to bring you an incredibly effective all-inclusive 14 day experience. The best of Boho Beautiful rolled into one program.

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Ten Days

Mind, Body & Lifestyle

A mind & body lifestyle program that is guaranteed to help you start new habits in order to continue on a path towards a happier and healthier version of yourself.

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