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The Meditation Challenge

Free Meditation Class Series

A Mindfulness journey designed to guide you through a transformative experience of self discovery. Embark on this beautiful journey and discover the profound benefits daily meditation will have on your life.

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The Journey of a Cosmic Soul

Free Yoga Class Series

A 31-day program of guided yoga classes empowering you to integrate Yoga and all of its benefits into your daily life. Unlock your limitless potential in as little as 20 minutes per day – give yourself the gift of Yoga.

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7 Day Blissful Body Bootcamp

Free Fitness Class Series

Break free from your fitness plateau to build full body strength and definition. Targeted focus on each area of the body, effectively activating every muscle group along the way – incredible results in 15 minutes per day.

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The Yoga Journey Handbook

Free Starter Guidebook

Yoga has a way of shaping us into more kind, compassionate, and loving humans. Explore traditional theory, techniques, and styles…and find out how making Yoga a way of life can do the same for you.

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We firmly believe there should be no barrier of entry to access high quality tools and guidance that will benefit the overall well-being of mind & body.

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14 Day Yoga & Meditation Journey

Free Yoga & Meditation Class Series

Embark on a journey of self-mastery through each guided yoga and meditation class. These two powerful practices are paired together to deepen your internal awareness and create a heightened mind-body connection.

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High Frequency Juice & Smoothies

Free Starter Guidebook

The ultimate guide to nourishment from the inside-out! Discover the power of plant-based juices and smoothies filled with nutrient-dense foods. Experience the impact on your vitality, immune system, physical & mental well-being.

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31 Days of Yoga

Free Yoga Class Series

This 31-day program, for all practice levels, gives you the structure and support you need to integrate Yoga into your routine. Each class is crafted to deepen and realign your mind-body connection in as little as 15 minutes a day.

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Try Our Free Class Library

An extensive collection of free Yoga, Meditation, and Fitness classes…
ready and waiting for you.

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