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Boho Beautiful Detoxify

The 7-Day Plant-Based Meal & Yoga Program

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Achieve a New Level of Health

Let food and self-care be thy medicine through this seven day clean eating and yoga detox program that aims to rest, reset, and revitalize your body and mind.

Eat Clean and Lose Weight. Think Clear and Feel Great.

Through the commitment to 7 days of clean plant-based eating guided by easy-to-follow video recipes, this program will help you find your new potential of health, vitality, and daily energy. Let go of bad habits to naturally realign, rebuild, and find your true north to optimal strength.

7 Full-length detoxifying yoga practices

14 Plant based breakfast & dinner video recipes

7 Days of Smoothie & Juice Recipes e-book

Introduction & guidance videos

85-page digital guidebook

Complete MP3 audio soundtrack

One Earth Challenge video

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We Designed This Program To…

Enable your body to accomplish exactly what it has been designed to do: to shine brightly, feel great, and to refresh itself through a deeply natural and incredibly beneficial detoxification. Embrace and discover great pleasure in the process of preparing healthy, natural foods from the earth, augmented by daily yoga practice.

Make it easy to fit exercise into your day

Go at your own pace, no matter where you are

Adjust to your experience level with class modifications

Tone & sculpt your body while losing weight

Focus on your internal digestive organs through movements and asanas

Stimulate your digestive system and encourage your body to cleanse

Optimize your mind and body through the natural detoxification process

Increase brain activity, confidence, resilience, and strength

Expand Your Practice. Make Positive, Lasting Change.

Boho Beautiful Detoxify is great for everyone and anyone looking to make a positive, lasting change in their eating habits and daily optimization. It’s a wonderful resource to pick and choose from when looking for your next meal, and a great way to expand your yoga practice and plant based cooking skills.

Unlike most “detoxes” available today, this program is not about restriction. It is in fact about the inclusion of a wide variety of exciting, vibrant, easy to cook creative meals filled with dense nutrients, clean ingredients, whole plant based foods, and all while being supplemented with daily detoxifying yoga classes.

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The Detoxify Program Daily Menu & Class Schedule

  25 Videos     45 Minutes Per Day     28+ Recipes!

Every day the meals of the Detoxify Program will not only nourish your body with whole plant based foods, but along with the daily yoga classes they will encourage your body to reach for new potential through the optimization of its natural detoxification process.

Day One

Detoxify Meal Plan

Iguana Verde Toast for breakfast, Popeye’s Mango Smoothie, & The Boho Budha-Ful Bowl for dinner.


Day 1 Yoga

We will purify the body through this power yoga themed practice by stimulating your entire body to wake up the digestive system, improve blood circulation, and ignite your metabolism.

Day Two

Detoxify Meal Plan

The Lava Smoothie Bowl for breakfast, AB&J Smoothie & The Garden of Plant Based Aioli for dinner.


Day 2 Yoga

To restoring the strength, balance, & definition in your body we will flow, sweat, twist, tone, burn, breathe, and of course ‘wring out’ all that no longer serves you.

Day Three

Detoxify Meal Plan

mark spicoluk & Juliana spicoluk
best vegan recipe

Tofu Jungle Scramble for breakfast, the Aloe Vera Miracle Smoothie, & Cream Of Broccoli Soup & Summer Salad for dinner.


Day 3 Yoga

Time to get grounded, exhale the soreness, the tension, the stress, and the impurities that are in need of being released out of your body. This class is a moment to truly reflect within. 

Day Four

Detoxify Meal Plan

best vegan recipes
amazing smoothie recipe
Mark & Juliana Spicoluk
Boho Vegan Recipe

Boho Brown Rice Pudding for breakfast, Cauliflower Bliss Smoothie, and Pachamama Rolls for dinner.


Day 4 Yoga

This practice will keep you moving and focused, getting the blood flowing and metabolism working to set the stage for a new optimized & healthier thriving body.

Day Five

Detoxify Meal Plan

easy vegan breakfast recipes
easy smoothies by boho beautiful
vegan you tubers juliana spicoluk and mark spicoluk
boho beautiful recipes

Healthy Wholesome Pancakes for breakfast, the Green Pina-Colada Smoothie, and Tahini Zucchini Couscous for dinner.


Day 5 Yoga

Time to heat things up even further- by igniting you fire within. Along with stimulating the core for weight loss & muscle definition, this class will continue to ‘wring out’ your insides out good and proper.

Day Six

Detoxify Meal Plan

easy boho vegan recipe
boho beautiful vegan
vegan life with Mark & Juliana Spicoluk
easy vegan recipes

Green Earth Pudding for breakfast, Watermelon Refresher Smoothie, and Rain Forest Tacos for dinner.


Day 6 Yoga

Yin Yoga inspired, this grounded mat based class will hold different postures for extended periods of time & welcome the release of toxins out of the muscles, digestive organs, & the mind itself.

Day Seven

Detoxify Meal Plan

vegan french toast
zinger chocolate protein smoothie
vegan cooking with Mark Spicoluk And Juliana Spicoluk
Mind Body Earth Bowl

Cha-cha-cha Chia French Toast, the Zinger Chocolate Protein Smoothie, and the Mind Body Earth Bowl for dinner.


Day 7 Yoga

A powerful yoga practice that will continue to push you to your next level. We will twist, go deeper, & reflect on this incredible journey together. A powerful finish to an intense week of classes!

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Boho Beautiful Detoxify Also Includes:

Juice & Smoothie Guide

14 Juice & Smoothie Recipes!
58 Pages Of Insight
Nutritional Info & Guidance
Liquid Health Tips!
Favourite Superfood Benefits
Shopping & Ingredient Guide
Juicing & Smoothie Support

The Detoxify Program Guide

85+ Pages Long
Over 20 Printable Recipes!
Detox Insight & Strategy!
Full Detox Yoga Course Guide!
Plant Based Nutrition Info!
Earth Challenge Guidance
Shopping List & Custom Meal Hacks!

Michael FK Soundtrack

7 Long Form Tracks In Mp3 Format!
By Moldovan Ambient Producer MichaelFK!

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