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We have officially launched our new download/streamable program- “Boho Beautiful Complete“! Yes that’s right, we have entered into the territory of streamable programs! So now you can download or stream with  easier access wherever you go!

Check out this page for more info about all three!   And we can’t wait to hear how you like it! <3

And remember, if you are looking for an extra discount… check out our Patreon Community, where there are monthly discounts for all purchases on the store plus you get tons of exclusive content! Thats a double save! Yes!

The Boho Beautiful Complete Series

The Boho Beautiful Complete Series contains all three of the new full length programs combined into one incredible complete workout plan.

Together “Boho Beautiful Complete” combines the targeted goals of each program on its own to create an incredibly effective 14 or 21 day workout plan, it’s all up to you as will also receive a schedule for both and a guide for the entire Complete program.  The wonderful thing is that you can also do each of the programs or the classes themselves on there own anytime you like too!

Whether its toning and strengthening the body, helping you achieve weight loss and flexibility, or allowing you to release negative energy out of your mind and body… Boho Beautiful complete is laser focussed on accomplishing results.