Boho Beautiful Complete Program (Digital Files & eBook)


The Boho Beautiful Complete Series contains all three of the new full-length programs combined into one incredible complete yoga practice and workout plan.

•The Ultimate Pilates Bootcamp

•The Essential Yin Yoga Journey

•The Perfect Yoga Workout Program

Together “Boho Beautiful Complete” combines the targeted goals of each program to create an incredibly effective workout plan. You will receive a practice schedule for both 14 and 21 days, as well as a guide to help you make the most of your entire Boho Beautiful Complete Program.  Plus after you finish the program in its entirety, you can also do each of the programs or the classes themselves on there own anytime you like too!

Whether its toning and strengthening the body, helping you achieve weight loss and flexibility, or allowing you to release negative energy out of your mind and body… Boho Beautiful Complete is laser focussed on accomplishing results.

Boho Beautiful Complete Includes:

12 Class formatted videos- four from each program (45- 60 minutes each)

3 Course Intro Videos

3 Program Wrap Up Videos

A total of over 10 hours of video

The Complete Guide and Practice Schedule (which includes a 14 and a 21 day practice/workout plan, tips, modifications, meal prep, & more) 

*  All content is available for direct streaming & downloading

* Video files come in both 1080p HD and 720 mobile resolution.

* The Complete Guide and Practice Schedule will be downloaded as a single page PDF.


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