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Each year we set a goal for ourselves to release a new, powerful, challenging, and unique full length program into the world. This year we went south to experience the beauty of Turks And Caicos Islands and now after months of putting it all together, we are extremely excited to officially launch the pre-order  for Boho Beautiful Transform!  It will be our first fully fitness based program, designed to give you incredible physical results in your body from the inside out. Unlike so many other fitness programs Transform will personally guide you with its completely unique energy through a 14 day journey of sequenced video classes that bring forward amazing next level results of weight loss, body definition, and new energy & strength. We aimed to create a new generation of fitness programs,  and have no doubt as the final product is being prepared that this program has accomplished just that.


What is Boho Beautiful Transform About?

This is not just a resolution, this is a transformation.

Boho Beautiful Transform” is a cutting edge mat based workout program that has been carefully designed for results like never before.  The entire program has been meticulously sequences into a 14 day structure in order to provide incredible results from the inside out. So, for two weeks, each day you will be switching from a cardio workout to a toning strengthening class to allow your body not only an opportunity to boost your metabolism and increase fat loss but also tone and lean out every muscle in your body. At the end of each week you will be rewarded with an hour long rejuvenating and relaxing yoga class that will help you release any muscle tension and soreness from the intense workouts.

What To Expect?

Weight-Loss Cardio Classes: HIIT workouts that will combine cardio (heart pumping) moves with toning recovery exercises to boost the metabolism, promote fat loss, and slowly increase body strength and stamina.

Targeted Body Toning Classes: Toning and strengthening workouts that will be a fusion of pilates, toning exercises with dumbbells, and body weight resistance sequences to strengthen, tone, and define every muscle in your body. Each day will be focused on a different specific area of your body.

Sore Muscle Release Yoga Bonus Classes: Deep releasing yoga classes that will not only release those sore muscles from all the workouts but also increase your flexibility.  Beautiful fusions of Yin and Hatha yoga that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The program is completely customizable with TONS of modifications for different fitness levels, so you can be nearly a beginner or quite advanced and Transform can be customized to fit your needs. 

A total of 14 brand new never before seen full length classes which include:

6 Cardio Workout Classes (30-40 minutes each)

6 Toning Strength Classes (30-40 minutes each)

2 Muscle Releasing Yoga Classes (1+ hour each)


3 Pre Workout Personal Guidance Videos

1 Course Intro Video

1 Program Outro Videos

16 Page Program E-Guide that will include a suggested eating plan to enhance results, heaps of tips and advice to help you achieve the most you can from the program, and guidance to help you customize the program to fit your specific fitness level.

***Required Equipment: Yoga Mat + Dumbbells (2, 3, or 5 lbs) or simply water bottles filled with water. 

*  All content is available for direct streaming & downloading in 1080p HD.

* The Transform Program Guide will be downloaded in a PDF format.

➡️Click Here to Order Boho Beautiful Transform and start 2019 in the best way possible!

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