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After selling out of our first batch of the Happy Healthy Plant Based Eating Guides Books, we took a little pause and began to search for a way to reproduce the books even better than the first time through.

We are extremely excited to announce that our Happy Healthy Plant Based Eating Guide is now for sale in hard cover! PLUS, this hard-cover version is not only available on it’s own but also is now included with the Boho Beautiful in 10 Days DVD Program!

The Happy Healthy Plant Based Eating Guide was written from our complete heart and soul as it is completely about our own experience, research, and successes living a plant based diet and lifestyle. Its goal is to act as a great guide for anyone who wants to learn more about and/or try out a plant-based diet, and it also acts as the perfect second half when you purchase the Boho Beautiful in 10 Days Program.


The Happy Healthy Plant Based Eating Guide includes:

  • 30 Recipes for Healthy Plant Based Eating
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Desserts!
  • Extensive Nutritional Information Surrounding The Myths & Facts about Plant Based Diets
  • 5-Day Meal Plan & Shopping Lists
  • Things We Eat & Avoid In Our Everyday Life
  • Our Personal Plant Based Stories
  • Personal Tips & Hacks On How To Achieve and Maintain A Healthier Happier Life
  • Extensive research & facts about how how eating plant based positively affects your health and the entire planet
  • Full Color & Full Of Everything You Need To Eat Healthier and/or Transition to Completely Plant Based!