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Click Here to Order Boho Beautiful Detoxify Today! 

We are extremely excited to announce the official pre-order for our latest Boho Beautiful program: Detoxify.  We have designed this seven day clean eating and detoxifying program to reset and revitalize your body and mind in order to easily achieve a healthy, more vibrant, and stronger daily personal potential.

Unlike most “detoxes” available today, this program is not about restriction. It is in fact about the inclusion of a wide variety of exciting, vibrant, easy to cook creative meals filled with dense nutrients, clean ingredients, whole plant based foods, and all while being supplemented with daily detoxifying yoga classes.

Through Detoxify’s easy to follow seven day plan,  you will enable your body to accomplish exactly what it has been designed to do: to shine brightly, feel great, and to refresh itself through a deeply natural and incredibly beneficial DETOXIFICATION

What Is Boho Beautiful Detoxify About?

Let food and self-care be thy medicine and feel your potential rise!


We all cut corners with our diet & exercise from time to time. It’s almost part of the cycle. And there is nothing wrong with falling in and out of good and bad eating and physical habits as long as we always strive to bring ourselves back. And then when a good rhythm is found to constantly push ourselves to new levels.

THE DETOXIFY PROGRAM is a simple path to give your body the opportunity to let go of its less-than-helpful habits and give your digestive system a well-needed break to naturally realign, rebuild, and find its true north to optimal strength again. It accomplishes this by providing you with daily detoxifying yoga classes and positive bursts of high vibrational, plant based food straight from Mother Earth—all in easy-to-prepare smoothies, juices, and delicious filling meals. 

What To Expect

7 Breakfast Meal Prep Videos – The best part is that nutritious breakfasts do not mean they have to be boring… think extremely tasty and healthy pancakes and french toasts, and smoothie bowls and scrambles! Oh yeah… and all plant-based too!

7 Dinner Meal Prep Videos – All kinds of creative nutrient-packed and filling plant based surprises. Rolls and soups and bowls and even a taco night to boot too. But don’t worry, it’s not for the advanced foodie, it’s all easy to accomplish and incredibly expansive for everyone!

7- Full-Length Detox & Digestion Yoga Classes -Daily 45 minute detox yoga classes to speed up your metabolism, release toxins, relax our cognitive state, stimulate & fire up the digestive system, and when combined with the clean eating plan of Detoxify, is guaranteed to help encourage healthy weight loss too! These 7 classes are going to take you on a journey through a variety of; Yoga Workout Classes that will tone, and strengthen the body to encourage fat loss. Flowing Energy Practices and Restorative/Yin Inspired Practices both styles that were designed to stimulate the ‘apana’ energy, which governs the eliminative functions and the downward and outward flow of energy in the body. Through the combination of all of these classes you will stimulate your body in many different ways which will encourage incredible physical results, mental clarity, and focus.

The Boho Beautiful Seven Days Of Juice & Smoothie Ebook – Over 40 pages of recipes, nutritional & ingredient information, shopping support, tips & advice, and personal stories. Great for beginners but also a perfect tool to deepen your knowledge and expand your arsenal of go-to smoothies/juices at home!

The Official Detoxify Program Ebook –  Includes the entire collection of meal and photo recipes from the program (to follow along with or pull out anytime on its own), nutritional information, shopping lists, program guidelines, tips and advice, yoga practice guidance, and more!

The Program Earth Challenge Video – Detailed video outlining five simple daily shifts of habits that will accomplish both a positive impact on your own carbon footprint, but also contribute to the collective journey by bringing more self-awareness, conversation, and momentum to the whole. 

The Detoxify Yoga Soundtrack by Michael FK – Seven beautifully extended ambient soundscapes in Mp3 format for you to incorporate into your personal yoga practice and life.

The Official Intro, Outro, & Meal Introduction Videos – We will start-up and close it all down on the right foot with the right energy for the entire program as well as before your first meal video.



How Will The Boho Beautiful Detoxify Program Help YOU?


The Detoxify program is great for everyone and anyone looking to make a positive, lasting change in their eating habits and daily optimization. It’s also a wonderful resource to pick and choose from when looking for your next meal, and a great way to expand your yoga practice AND plant based cooking skills.  

Through our years of plant based experience and research, we believe we have managed to create an incredibly unique detox program quite the opposite of almost all the others out there. Rather than depriving people of food and limiting your enjoyment of the process of eating, we designed this program to help you embrace and discover great pleasure in the process of preparing wonderfully healthy, natural foods from the earth. We are here to help you understand and experience how plant based eating positively affects your body, mind, and footprint on the Earth.

Order Boho Beautiful DETOXIFY today!



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