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We have and always will continue to believe that there is this incredible potential that lies within all of us, and with a little push and hard work we are all capable of bringing this potential out for the world to see.

The yoga classes in the Detoxify Program were designed with that one idea in mind. What is it holding us back in life? How can we rid ourselves of all the heavy energy and limiting perceptions in order to help truly understand our truth, our power, and our potential.

Once the creativity began to flow, the Yoga portion of our Detoxify Program became not only something we wanted to give you to fall back on whenever you feel that you need to release tension, negative energy, or stress, but also as a way to challenge the body to recognize and achieve new potentials. The classes focus on optimized movements that help achieve superficial body results like toning, sculpting, and weight loss but more importantly within Detoxify’s Yoga agenda, each class has an intensely built in focus on your internal digestive organs via the different types of movements and asanas.

From different twisting postures, that stimulate the digestive system and “massage” the internal organs, to a variety of inversions that will bring fresh blood to your heart and brain, together all of these functions will increase brain activity, confidence, resiliency, and strength.

All of this adds up to ‘inviting in’ new possibilities! Allowing yourself to understand that yes, ‘your perception is your reality’ and it’s time to encourage the change of your current self-perception to one that reflects the healthier, happier, and more vibrant human being that only self imposed limitations will hold you back from.

Keep reading for a class by class walkthrough through of each session’s style, intention, and result… 

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Detoxify’s 45 Minute Yoga Classes Agenda!

Purify: Purifying the body through a power yoga or ‘yoga workout’ themed practice that will stimulate your entire body, waking up the digestive system, improving blood circulation, igniting your body’s metabolism. It’s time to turn on the body’s self-cleansing system. 

Restore: Restoring the strength, balance, and definition in your body. We will flow, sweat, twist, tone, burn, and breathe. It will be a sweaty, strengthening, challenging, and cleansing yoga practice to ‘wring out’ all that no longer serves you. Physically & emotionally. 

Exhale: We will get grounded, we will exhale the soreness, the tension, the stress, and the impurities that are needed to be released out of our body. We will go slow. We will go gentle. We will listen to the body, we will love the body. A moment to truly reflect within. 

Inferno: Your detox acceleration! As you are hopefully continuing to eat healthy food from the Earth, your body is already in a cleansing state of mind so now we give it that extra fuel to release all the old with this juicy yoga Vinyasa flow. The practice will keep you moving, on your toes, and focused on the detoxification results you are already creating. With each twist we will be compressing the internal organs, squeezing out old blood and waste, and then releasing and welcoming oxygenated blood flow, creating healthier organs for a thriving body.

Cleanse: This is where we heat things up even further. Igniting the core, the fire within. Letting the fire burn… baby burn. Along with stimulating the core to welcome weight loss and muscle definition, we will also be incorporating twisting asanas to continue the ‘wring out’ process of the body from the inside out. This is all about continuing to tone and create internal heat by focusing on the waist line through a fusion of yoga and pilates movements.

Oxygenate: The body is in need of a well deserved break and this is the class for that. Very Yin Yoga Inspired where we hold different postures for an extended period of time to welcome a gentle release of toxins out of the muscles, the digestive organs, and the mind itself. Grounded. Fully mat based. Slow paced & inner connected.

Redefine: Much like a dirty washcloth can take on fresh clean water after being wrung out of the old dirty water, this is the class where we welcome new beautiful energy into the body. A powerful yoga practice that will continue to push you to your next level while welcoming new blood flow and oxygen into every part of your body. We will twist, hold, go deeper, and reflect on this incredible journey together. A great powerful finish to an intense and cleansing experience. 

Our goal with these classes is to not only give you a challenging and rewarding week of beautifully expressive and expansive Yoga classes, but also to provide you something to come back to as individual offering whenever you feel you need to. You can use these 7 classes as many times as you need together as a collection or individually to find new levels of amazing toning & body sculpting results and to help chisel out a new relationship with how you feel about your body.

Just always remember that over time as your body becomes stronger these classes will become easier and easier, especially if you pair it with the healthy whole plant based eating diet that Detoxify provides. This is why diet and movement are the corner stones to Detoxify. Because its about naturally removing the things that block our body and minds, so that we can flow to our potential with greater ease and more effective results. This is your time to create new habits and new possibilities.

 Love and light to you on this journey…