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Dive in, and fall in love with new things.

And you always come back out changed guaranteed.


Since the middle of the summer we have taken it upon ourselves to collaborate and appear on one podcast per week. 

We have called it Operation Boho Beautiful Podcasts  lol very original indeeeeed… 


It’s something the two of us had never done before, so we felt that stepping outside of our comfort zone might not only connect us with other creators to share positive conversations, but also hopefully discover some new things and expand ourselves and our perceptions in the process. 

And who knew that in the end, this little commitment has easily been one of the most rewarding new rituals that we have taken on as part of our weekly schedule in quite sometime. 


We have met so many wonderful people creating and at the helm of so many independent & wonderful projects. 

Individuals from all over who too are stepping out of their own comfort zones and offering the universe what they have too, sometimes with nothing more than just a mic and a vision. 


We wanted to share the collected list of all of the episodes. 

There is no favorite, each unique and special on their own. 

And each with their own unique gifts to offer. 

So don’t just listen to our episodes, try the rest of the repertoire too.


And Here is the Boho Beautiful Podcasts list:

Note- Most of the links have episode breakdowns, so you can check out what interests you!


Mindfulness Mode: 

Mindfulness is the key to self awareness, and self awareness leads to everything. This podcast was such an enlightening exploration of our past, the role mindfulness continues to play, and so much more. 


Mastermind, Body & Spirit:

We sat in our van in a Starbucks parking lot pirating free wifi and had no idea we would have such an enlightening chat, but also lead to a new friendship with Matt. 😀


Natalia Benson:

We could listen to Natalia’s Podcast all day. We had the most wonderful connection and conversation and still return to her show just to reconnect to the magic.


Yoga is Vegan: 

We discussed our journey into active living compassion through the path of veganism and our continued marriage between our yoga practice and Ahimsa. 


Billion Dollar Body:

Growing our business, the only time we have dug in deep on how we did it and how intention was the guiding light.



Strictly about our journey, experience, and mind opening and heart wrenching experience in Tibet. 


11:11 Talk Radio: 

On a break Mark asked the host Simran if she ever does solo podcasts where we could just listen to her and her wisdom uninterrupted for an entire episode. Simran is the light. 


Feminine Frequency Podcast: 

Juliana spent a beautiful hour discussing so much you are best to click the link and read the episode description yourself. 


Chakra Girl Radio: 

This one was just Juliana and covered a breadth of topics from finding a way to serve the world with exactly what you have to offer, and finding the sweet spot of happiness in life. 


Awakenings With Michele: 

A deep dive into all that Boho Beautiful began to until today.