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As we welcome February into our life, it forces us to reflect upon our victories and challenges that January threw upon us. No matter how much we have achieved thus far, it’s important to always take a pause and taker a moment to understand where we feel we might be falling off course. Falling off course is not a failure, but rather an opportunity to understand our own challenges which will then allow us to understand how we can overcome them. With this in mind we wanted to share our ‘Get Yourself Back On Track Two Week Pilates Challenge’ with hopes it will bring back that inspiration and motivation that might have slowly been slipping away since we’ve entered 2020 in full force.

This is your Best Pilates 14 Day Challenge Guide & Schedule to follow for the next two weeks which will challenge your body and mind in many incredible ways.

Here is the link to the workout schedule/ PDF:



♥ On the calendar you will see that all days except one have two classes. Day seven is a yoga class for a day off, and day 14 finishes with a congratulatory yoga class too!

♥ If your body needs a day off or you need to split the two videos into 2 days, thats totally fine! Listen to your body, that’s the key. Just do you best to make it through all the videos, if it takes 21 days or 50 thats fine!

♥ Drink at least 2 L of water per day. Add some lemon, or fruit to your water to make it a treat!

♥ Include at least one dark green leafy salad, steamed greens, and/or fresh green juice per day.

♥ Do your best to get as close to 8 hours of sleep per night as you can so your muscles have time to recover and rest.

♥ Try to limit the amount of processed and sugary food you eat. Fill your fridge with lots of fruits, veggies.

So with that said, good luck. Have fun. And remember to listen to your body, drink TONS of water, and never forget to smile.

Love & Light

Juliana & Mark*

Why is a Pilates Workout an incredibly effective full body workout?

Pilates is one of the most effective mat based workouts that you can do which is low impact but extremely challenging for the body. During a Pilates workout we work with different “fine toning” methods to target different areas of the body which will not only sculpt, strengthen, and tone the muscles but will also stimulate your metabolism, encouraging healthy weight loss and a general physical well-being in the body. This ultimate Pilates class is perfect for toning and strengthening the body especially the core and midsection and when combined in the 2 week challenge schedule, you can most definitely expect to see beautiful results from the inside out.


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