Today’s class is Yoga For Flexibility & Strength. While we increase flexibility and build strength, we will also quiet the mind and listen to the soul. When your mind is still, your soul will whisper words of wisdom.

Yoga For Flexibility & Strength: Earth Element of Air

This 20 minute yoga flow class is for all levels. Both beginners and advanced students will benefit from this practice. It is the perfect combination of movement, stillness, and breath.

Today’s class focuses on the Earth Element of Air. This vinyasa class will allow you to truly connect with that inner universal life force, your prana. Yoga For Flexibility & Strength will focus heavily on deepening the breath. As we move through the gentle flow, we will practice many standing yoga asanas. I want you to constantly focus on deepening your inhalation and exhalation. Whenever a pose gets challenging or you feel any bit of discomfort, find that deep breath. This breath awareness practice will give your mind the opportunity to find the present moment. By practicing finding the present moment during class, you will more easily find presence in your daily life.

The element of air is all about movement, creativity, and that deeper realization that we are all a part of something greater than us. So as you slowly move and relax into this yoga practice for stress release, allow yourself to connect deeper with all that is within you.

Be patient, and take every yoga pose modification that you may need. Breathe, and let go. If you need to take a break, you can always drop into child’s pose. This yoga is to help you let go of anything that may no longer serve you, whether that is anxiety, stress, negativity, or overall tension. So let all that energy go with each breath and enjoy.