This 20 minute Boho Beautiful yoga flow is a vinyasa-inspired class. This vinyasa flow is perfect to get your body moving and flowing. This is an easy vinyasa fluid flow that will target your balance, strength, and coordination. An all-encompassing yoga class, today’s flow will strengthen your entire body. You will also benefit from dynamic movement to improve your balance and coordination. Like most vinyasa flow classes, this yoga flow is about more than just the poses. It is also about finding a rhythm that makes you feel good in your body. Ultimately, this class will inspire more self-love and positive energy.

Boho Beautiful Yoga Flow: Earth Element of Water

With the focus on the Earth element of water, this class is all about connecting to your breath. With every yoga pose take a deep inhalation and exhalation. This all levels online yoga class emphasizes the breath with every move. See if you can notice when you hold onto the breath. Remember to breathe even when poses get challenging. Throughout class if you ever need to, you can take a child’s pose to catch your breath and re-energize yourself.

In today’s class we use the pranayama practice of Ujayi breath. As you move through this practice I want you to focus on finding that present moment by prioritizing your breath. Mimic the sound of the ocean with each exhalation to practice your Ujayi breath. And with each exhale, let go of all that no longer serves you. Let go of any negative energy that you are currently holding onto. Welcome beautiful and radiant positive energy every time you take a breath in.

Focus, let go, and enjoy the flow. Grab your mat and join me for this vinyasa-inspired Boho Beautiful yoga flow. Practice this energizing and cleansing class in the morning for a great start to your day.