This class has been taken out from our full length program Boho Beautiful ASCENSION– A Total Mind & Body Yogic Attunement.


Boho Beautiful Ascension

Boho Beautiful ASCENSION is a next-level program exploring the deeper dimensions of yoga as a tool to transcend the physical + liberate your limitless Self to be here now.

A seven-day exploratory experience marked by five daily milestones that flow together to reveal a beautiful dance between:

  • BALANCING and recharging your energy centers
  • DEEPENING your mind and body connection through the physical practice of yoga
  • STRENGTHENING your vital life force through the practice of pranayama
  • DIVING deeper into contemplation of our inner awareness through meditation and stillness.
  • LEAVING you with a suggested Conscious Tactic to put into action in your day & build new habits in your life

Start your ascension TODAY!