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A Boho Beautiful Premium Program Unlike Any Other

Boho Beautiful Ascension

Rise To Your Next Level

steps of light
over seven days
into your energy centers
to reclaim your power & reach your next level.

Another Year Is About To Begin…

And here we are.
Somehow still beautifully entangled together.

Walking our ongoing journeys.
Realizing & with each heartbeat reaffirming…

That our purpose here, now, is to pursue our next level. 

Whenever we can…choosing expansion.


Ascension is growth.

And in these hard days when uncertainty challenges all we believed we could trust,
Your power is your choice to define this moment right here…

To write the next line of your own never ending story.

What will yours say?


  1. the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.
    “your ongoing ascension towards a more enhanced, enlightened & expanded version of you”

Boho Beautiful Ascension

Boho Beautiful Ascension

Total Mind & Body Yogic Attunement

A next-level program exploring the deeper dimensions of yoga as a tool to transcend the physical + liberate your limitless Self to be here now.

Boho Beautiful Ascension is our highest-frequency offering ever.

Rise above all that no longer serves you to connect deeper with your true authenticity and next level’s potential.

A seven-day exploratory experience marked by five daily milestones that flow together to reveal a beautiful dance between:

  • BALANCING and recharging your energy centers
  • DEEPENING your mind and body connection through the physical practice of yoga
  • STRENGTHENING your vital life force through the practice of pranayama
  • DIVING deeper into contemplation of our inner awareness through meditation and stillness.
  • LEAVING you with a suggested Conscious Tactic to put into action in your day & build new habits in your life

Ascension is the act of rising to accept this singular and beautiful truth:

That limitless growth is not just possible,
it is inevitable when you choose to pursue it.

What is included in Boho Beautiful Ascension?

  • 7 Opening Videos: Begin each day with an introspective contemplation to set your intention and start to explore the higher ideals we’ll consider throughout the rest of the day’s ascent
  • 7 Connective Yoga Class with Juliana: 45-50  minute classes to move the body in specific sequences that stimulate & balance the chakra of that day.
  • 7 Meditation or Pranayama Classes: 3 dedicated breath-work and 4 reflection/stillness sessions to help you connect deeper with your internal awareness & inner self
  • 7 Reflective Yoga Classes with Mark: 30-40 minute classes that will deepen the thought provoking contemplation of that day’s ideal while allowing you to deepen your mind/body connection & anchor into your new energetic frequency
  • 7 Closing Videos: Poetic reconnective closers to end your day by giving your mind the opportunity to reflect on the daily ideal, reground inside the day’s affirmation, and consider how you will continue to apply the Actionable Conscious Tactic in your life
  • Reclaim Your Power In Seven Days: A 60+ page Ascension Support Book
  • Welcome & Wrap-Up Videos: 2 additional shares from Juliana & Mark to prepare you for the program and bring it all together as you close

Start your ascent today by placing your order for this bespoke Boho Beautiful experience and make this journey together with us.

Boho Beautiful Ascension Device Bundle

What Will I Need & Where Will I Watch?

Recommended equipment: Nothing more than a yoga mat and an openness to all this experience will reveal to you.

Optional tools: You can consider a journal & some sacred burnables – sage, incense, palo santo, or a candle.

Experience level: This is an all level course. For any beginners there will be many modifications in the yoga classes provided. For the more experienced yogis there will be opportunities to expand your practice further.

Availability: Boho Beautiful Ascension is accessible through a ‘Netflix Style’ web browsing experience and through Boho Beautiful Premium our custom designed downloadable iOS and Android App.

Video Streaming: All content can be streamed on web-browsers, iPads, Computers, iPhones, and via Chrome-cast & Apple TV directly to your smart TV at home.

Guide Book – Reclaim Your Power In Seven Days: the 60+page Boho Beautiful Ascension Support Book will be downloadable in a PDF format.

Your Ascension Toward Love and Higher Vibrations