This Boho Beautiful yoga class is a 20 minute flow for all levels. This class is everything your yoga practice needs to enhance your beautiful leg definition. In addition to toning your legs, this class will release stress and tension out of your body. Consider this yoga class a grounding to begin, charge, or end your day.

Boho Beautiful Yoga Class For Leg Definition: What To Expect

Through practicing yoga postures for the lower body, this yoga class will allow you to strengthen the quads and glutes, while activating the upper body. Be prepared for variations of the high lunge, including a challenging bind. In class, you will engage your muscles, while stimulating your metabolism to fully awaken and re-charge the body. We will be working the core and shoulders too as we move through downward facing dog and plank. Like most Boho Beautiful yoga classes, this is a full body yoga class.

This Boho Beautiful yoga class will truly allow that prana energy to flow through every cell of your being. Today’s class is both challenging and calming at the same time. Take a moment to find and connect with each breath.

If at any point this practice becomes challenging, feel free to take a break, slow down the pace, or take any modification that you need.

So if you’re ready to sweat, breathe, and release…roll out that mat and join us.