This 20 minute morning yoga flow is inspired by Ashtanga yoga. Our class today is intermediate level with challenging binding postures. This class will start your day perfectly and help you advance to a new level.

Ashtanga Inspired Morning Yoga: What To Expect

While practicing this morning yoga flow, we will stay aware of our breath in order to be present. Maintaining a conscious breath helps remove distractions and negative thoughts. This morning yoga class will start out with an Ashtanga Surya Namaskar B sun salutation. This warm up sequence will help to get the body moving. Then the practice will move through many variations of yogic squats, forward folds, inversions, and more. All of the poses in this class are intended to stimulate and wake up your body. This intermediate yoga flow will involve many binds to boost your digestive system, increase your metabolism, and get you ready to start your day.

We will end today’s class with variations of the lotus posture, then close class with a meditation in lotus pose. Lotus is a challenging pose itself, so be sure to be kind to your body. If you cannot sit in lotus simply sit cross-legged.

Remember to be patient with your body and never force any posture. This is an intermediate yoga class that is for anyone that wants to advance their yoga asanas and challenge their body in a different way. Remember to use your Ujayi breathing to keep the mind and body steady and focused. You are releasing all of the toxins and negativity with each breath you take.