This 20 Min Bedtime Yoga To Wind Down & Wash Away Stress is the evening yoga class to gently let go of all that no longer serves you. Through a series of asanas and mindful breathing we will journey inward to reconnect to the working of our own consciousness & the beating of our own heart, and remove ourselves from the memory and imprints of all that we experienced throughout the day.

There is no greater tool that yoga to set yourself up for a perfect sleep and a wonderful beginning in the morning once again. Remember to drink a lot of water and when your mind wanders away always use the breath as the string to pull it back into focus. Also to breathe deep and have fun.

If you enjoyed this class and are interested in diving deeper on your journey of wellbeing through yoga and mindfulness, check out Boho Beautiful RETREAT– A Seven Day At-Home Yoga Retreat. Boho Beautiful Retreat allows you to enjoy the bliss and transformational power of a traditional Yoga Retreat in the comfort of your own home.

This 7-day experience includes over 21 morning and evening videos that will explore many different styles, practices and philosophical aspects of Yoga in just under two hours daily. Each day focuses on a specific intention which will be the topic of the two full-length yoga practices as well as the journaling exercise and meditation taught by Yoga Teacher Juliana Spicoluk.