Traveling to Tibet was one of those bucket list trips for us. Visiting the Holy City of Lhasa has always been something we were fascinated with. When we finally made it over into Tibet, Lhasa was the first stop and we were forced to recognize that sometimes our expectations are simply a set up to realize that we could have never prepared ourselves for this. The challenges were not only the altitude and the climate but simply being present in an occupied nation and seeing the kindness and hospitality of the Tibetan people even after all the oppression they still suffer through today.

This really motivated us to share some light on their story.

We had the pleasure of meeting his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama last year (he was forced to leave Tibet in 1959 and had been living in exile in India ever since) and now returning to his hometown of Lhasa was almost like a completion of our own personal quest to understand a part of this incredible history.

Although Lhasa didn’t live up to our imaginative expectations, once we left and began to travel through the rest of Tibet, it was like we entered a magical story book. The nature, the animals, the people. Everyday it was a new page, a new experience, and a new adventure thus making Tibet one of the most beautiful places filled with the most magic and energy we’ve ever experienced.