This is a 20 minute class for everyone, and the perfect way to awaken the body in the morning. You can practice this yoga class at any time of the day when you feel like you need to increase your flow of energy. Practice from the comfort of your own home, while also strengthening the body and increasing your flexibility.

This total body yoga flow is all about finding the stability and power in your lower body and challenging the core at the same time. We will work the entire core of the body, especially the abs, through the challenge of balancing and stability yoga asanas and movements. You will build strength and stability through dynamic balancing movements, as well as by holding balancing poses.

We will begin with gently opening the chest and shoulders and move into a sun salutation warm up. Then get ready to work your lower body and core muscles as we move into strong standing postures. We will end class with a nice long savasana to close.

The class is a vinyasa flow that is for all levels. While increasing your strength and balance through this total body yoga class, you will also reap the benefits of flow. As you flow through class, notice the deeper connection you feel with your mind and your breath. This empowering yoga flow will help you find more power from within to set you up for a confident and joyful day.

If you are looking to tone and sculpt the body, increase your flexibility, and develop a better balanced practice, then this total body yoga flow is for you.

So grab that mat and enjoy this vinyasa flow class! You can always modify the practice if needed, and be sure to do the class multiple times to benefit from a daily practice.