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With every chapter we embark on in our lives, there’s always a desire to journal our experiences, our thoughts, emotions, and views of that period in our lives. We began doing that when we left to travel South East Asia and created the Boho Diaries Episodic Series on our Youtube Page.

After the crazy wonderful adventures of the Positive Movement Tour we decided to bring it back for another episode. Three months on the road in a van capturing footage, thoughts, experiences, and new friendships with each rolling mile. It did’t take long to realize that the road can just as easily kick the shit out of you as it can lift you up and reassure you that everything is exactly as it should be… and maybe, it might just be a matter of how you chose to perceive it.

What Was The Positive Movement Tour?

After converting our van into a tiny home, we embarked on a new adventure: the Boho Beautiful Positive Movement Tour. Three months of travelling across the USA took us to 40 different cities, allowed us to raised $20,000 for local non-profit animal welfare organizations through the charity yoga classes, and conquered over 10,000 miles in our newly converted camper van (talk about tiny van life living).

Through this digital nomadic lifestyle we finally got to experience what van life was truly about. The ups and downs of tiny living, to exhausting drives, to inspiring human connections… all of this was something we will forever remember. We hope you enjoy this Boho Diary.