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| Our Patreon Site Is Now Online!

Hour Long Classes & Exclusive Content For You! |


Oh what a day! We have taken a wonderful step towards controlling even more of our own destiny and launched the official Boho Beautiful Patreon account:

Now what is a Patreon account you ask?

Patreon is a website where audiences can pledge their favorite creators to help support them to continue to do what they do. There are different levels of pledges and each pledge level unlocks different immediate rewards and sometimes even monthly ones too. Its a great way for us to grow a tighter and more vibrant community with all of you, and give back value at the same time.

Through our Patreon we decided to provide all kinds of rewards from Hour Long Classes & Hang Out Sessions, to our first ever Boho Beautiful Healing Stone Necklace, to postcards, to a Boho message board, and even exclusive content like meditations and yoga tutorials.

We are super happy to see this idea come to life, and extremely excited to connect with all of you hopefully soon to be Patrons on a closer level than we could through Youtube before.

Love & Light….

Juliana & Mark*