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| Holy Crap! $10,000!?! For Elephant Haven Thailand! |

We did it guys! And it’s all thanks to you! Within just a couple of days of posting our Elephant Haven GoFundMe update, we not only surpassed our $5000 goal for the elephants of Elephant Haven Thailand, but you guys all doubled down and we have now together broke $10,000. We are thrilled and ecstatic and completely humbled to be a part of something so special. So thank you guys. Thank you so much.

We will be travelling to Elephant Haven in a few weeks to donate the money in person and shoot a video telling how the money will be used as well as hopefully capture a few more wonderful moments of these peaceful beings living how they should- in peace.

It’s moments like this that we all have to take a second and remind ourselves, that even though we can’t save every elephant. Even though we cant stop all the pain and suffering at the hand’s of human beings. We can always do what we can. And hopefully in the process of doing what we can, we can inspire a few others to do what they can too. And then hopefully they can inspire a few others and a few more others and yes… even a few others. Thus, we are each playing our role in the chain reaction of goodness. Good people doing good things that they should.

And these elephants at Elephant Haven, well, the damage has already been done to them… they lived upwards of 40 – 50 years in chains, broken, painfully driven to serve their owners desires at any cost. But this money, that we all have come together to raise, it will only assure them the happier and peaceful lives they deserve now. And most of all, it will help upkeep them as the symbols they are, and propup places like Elephant Haven even further as the symbol for what it is too: Symbols of a new relationship between humans and animals. Symbols of our respect for elephants and all creatures. Symbols that show sanctuaries  to the world as the right way for species to interact, allowing us to simply be people and them to simply be the elephants they are.  And symbols of how tomorrow can be a new day… a day when we can start over all while still never forgetting that we are better that what was handed to us. We can make our own choices, and decide what we want to stand for. And what kind of being each of us truly are, from our hearts and then outward to the world.

Thank you guys. For reminding us that there is always hope.
And for the security and comfort we have all assured these beautiful wonderful creatures.

Love & Light

… Juliana & Mark