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Boho Beautiful in Ten Days

Your Mind & Body Lifestyle Program

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Create & Nurture New Positive Daily Habits

A mind & body lifestyle program that is guaranteed to help you start new habits in order to continue the path towards a happier and healthier version of yourself.

Daily Classes for a Healthier & More Active Lifestyle

Through a beautiful combined variety of daily fitness, yoga, and mediation classes, this program will allow you the opportunity to connect deeper to your body, mind, and inner self awareness with the intention to improve both your internal and external strength & vitality.

9 Fitness classes

9 Yoga classes

10 Guided meditations

Introduction & guidance videos

8-page digital guidebook

165-page plant-based eating guide

Dietary tips, shopping list & recipes

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We Designed This Program To…

Help you create & nurture new positive daily habits towards a happier and healthier version of yourself. It is here to provide you the tools necessary to create new habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Make it easy to fit exercise into your day

Go at your own pace, no matter where you are

Improve your flexibility, mobility, and inner connection of the body and mind

Strengthen your core, arms, legs, and entire body from the inside out

Find presence, grounding, and inner stillness of the mind

Achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle

Explore extensive nutritional information about plant-based living

Overhaul your diet with plant-based meal plans and recipes

Ten Days to Create a Happy, Healthy, Balanced Life

The goal of this program is not to provide a quick fix or an immediate transformation. Instead, Boho Beautiful In Ten Days was created to guide you to the door and give you the tools necessary to create new habits and a healthier lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that will benefit your mind, body, and overall balance. It’s our hope that after completing the ten day program you will continue forward with new confidence and create the healthy, happy, balanced life that you deserve.

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The Ten Day Program Itinerary

  40 Videos     60 Minutes Per Day     10+ Hours Total

Each day of the program focuses on a specific theme upon which its class itinerary was built. The entire ten day program has been designed to challenge your mind and body to embrace new habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Day One


Gratitude for the Mind & Body You Already Have · Hello Body! Wake Up Call · Strength & Lengthen Yoga Flow · Meditation for Gratitude

Day Two


Surrender to the Process of Your Journey · Arms & Legs Extreme · Island Vibe Yoga Flow · Meditation for the Present Moment

Day Three


Visualize Where You Want to Be and Start · Extreme Abs · Balanced Soul Yoga · Meditation for Strength & Power

Day Four


Confidence That You are Worthy of Your Goals · Fat Burning Cardio Extreme · Wind Down Yoga Class · Meditation for Courage

Day Five

Letting Go

Letting Go of the Things That No Longer Serve You · Yoga Detox Flow · Meditation for Letting Go

Day Six


Courage to Face Change & Embrace Growth · Backside Sculpt · Hip Opening Yoga · Meditation for Self-Empowerment

Day Seven


Push the Potential of Your Body & Mind · Arms & Abs Workout · Sunset Yoga Flow · Meditation for Healthy Nourishment

Day Eight


Compassion for All Others Who Are on Their Journeys · Cardio Powerhouse · De-Stress Yoga Flow · Meditation for Loving Kindness

Day Nine


Devotion to Your Truth & Following Your Heart · Yogalates · Meditation for Self-Expression

Day Ten


Manifest the Kind of Life You Aspire to Live · The Summer Bootcamp · Wind Down & Stretch Yoga · Meditation for Manifestation

Begin Your Ten Day Journey Today

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Boho Beautiful in Ten Days Also Includes:

The Ten Days Program Guide

8 Pages Long
Personal Note from Juliana & Mark
Program Introduction & Guidelines
Program Itinerary
Video Location Map

Happy Healthy Plant Based Eating Guide

165 Pages Long
30 Plant-Based Recipes & Shopping List
Healthy Living & Workout Advice
Extensive Nutritional Information
Juliana & Mark’s Personal Stories

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