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Boho Beautiful Prenatal

A Three Trimester Yoga, Fitness & Mindfulness Program

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For a Safe & Compassionate Transformation
Into Motherhood

A prenatal health & fitness program to support body, mind, and spirit during the beautiful rite of passage that lies ahead. Welcome your little one into the world with the strength, grace, and confidence that’s sourced deep within your heart & womb.

A Trusted Companion on Your Prenatal Journey

Through a curated yet customizable schedule of pregnancy-safe yoga, pilates, and barre inspired classes, you’ll immerse yourself in a dedicated daily ritual to prepare for a magical birth experience. Connect to your intuition. Create a bond with your baby. Deepen this miraculous experience of motherhood.

30+ Recorded classes arranged into three trimesters

10  Trimester one yoga + fitness practices

10 Trimester two yoga + fitness practices

10 Trimester three yoga + fitness practices

3 Introductory lessons

1 pelvic floor exercise tutorial

The 84-page Prenatal Support Book

Use the wisdom of yoga & mindfulness to connect deeper to yourself & the new life you have created.

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The Prenatal Journey Was Designed…

With the intention to help women maintain their well-being throughout their entire pregnancy. To serve as a resource of strength, positivity, and inspiration during what can often be a time of great uncertainty.

Learn to modify your practice for safe & effective workouts so you continue to feel strong & confident as your body changes

Understand each trimester’s challenges & milestones so you can calm the fear & doubts that can arise with the unknowns

Gain the tools to manage stress & anxiety so you can stay present for all the little moments that make up this great big journey

Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit & access the power that lies deep within so you’re ready for the demands of labor & delivery

Feel confident & empowered no matter your birth plan so you can be present for your little one’s arrival

More Than Just an Exercise Program

Boho Beautiful Prenatal is a yoga instructor, physical trainer & spiritual companion for your entire pregnancy (and beyond). Elevate your prenatal experience into a memorable period of personal growth & self-discovery as you transform from a woman into a mother. Develop a deeper understanding of the mind-body-baby connection so you can bond with your baby & nurture their developing mind even before they are born. Nourish yourself from within through awareness, breath, and balance to merge with the maternal rhythm of Earth herself. Enter a natural state of bliss & serenity as you harness the feminine energy that flows through your body and makes you glow from the inside out.

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The Prenatal Program Itinerary

  33 Videos     52 Week Schedule     An Unforgettable Transformation

Nine months of content for mental, emotion, & physical health curated with compassion, love, & guidance. Pick & choose what’s right for you. Modify based on your energy & fitness levels.

Trimester One

Weeks 1-12

For the exhaustion, nausea, heightened emotional sensitivity, and slower digestion that often accompany the first three months & to create a strong foundation for the journey ahead.

Class 1: Gentle Awakening Full Body Yoga Flow

Class 2: Yoga Workout Energy Flow

Class 3: Power Activation & Control

Class 4: De-Stress & Breathe

Class 5: Grounded Strength & Awakening

Class 6: Apana Energy Flow

Class 7: Tone & Flow

Class 8: Reconnection & Rejuvenation Yoga Flow

Class 9: Gentle Power & Stability

Class 10: The Gift of Rest & Rejuvination

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Class 8: Reconnection & Rejuvenation Yoga Flow

Trimester Two

Weeks 12-24

For the changes you go through during months four to six. The back pain, abdominal pain, leg cramps, and other discomforts that may arise & to support the rapid growth of your baby with flows to increase energy and vitality.

Class 1: Full Body Rejuvenation Workout

Class 2: Feel Good Energy Awakening Flow

Class 3: Thigh Power Sculpt

Class 4: Reconnection Through Exhalation

Class 5: Full Body Baby Barre Burn

Class 6: Feel Good Goddess Glow

Class 7: Fiery Upper Body Burn

Class 8: Releasing Through Conscious Movement

Class 9: Total Body Barre Sculpt

Class 10: Gentle Baby Glow

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Class 10: Gentle Baby Glow

Trimester Three

Weeks 24-40

For the exciting transition to labor and birth, your changing center of gravity, lack of energy, round ligament pain, and hip discomfort that often mark the last three months & to encourage baby’s descent into your pelvis when the special time arrives.

Class 1: Full Body Recentering Flow

Class 2: Strength, Grace & Openness

Class 3: Lower Body R&R

Class 4: Powered & Centered Yoga Workout

Class 5: One With Breath

Class 6: Beautiful Body Glow Flow

Class 7: Pachamama Heart Awakening

Class 8: Gentle Tone & Flow

Class 9: Grounded Awareness

Class 10: Follow Your Breath Connection

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Class 7: Pachamama Heart Awakening

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Begin Your Compassionate Transformation Into Motherhood

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Boho Beautiful Prenatal Also Includes:

The Prenatal Support Book

For a deeper dive into the topics and exercises covered in the videos and to share helpful resources you can reference throughout this beautiful journey.

84 Pages
Personal Note From Juliana
Program Introduction & Guidelines
Three Trimester Schedule
The Birth Consciousness Movement
Safe Yoga During Pregnancy
Exercise Modification Support
How to Protect Your Pelvic Floor
Unlocking Fear & Surrendering
Finding Self-Love & Appreciation
Recommended Books, Films & Music

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