This is a 10 minute intense yoga workout that will target every part of your core to tone up that waistline. Through the fusion of pilates core exercises and yoga poses, this Yoga Workout for Weight Loss will get your heart rate up and boost your metabolism so you can burn more calories and fat throughout your day.

In a time crunch this is the perfect workout to do on the run as its only 10 minutes and it will leave you feeling stronger, more lengthened and balanced for the rest of your day. Implement this workout at least 3-4 times per week and I promise you will start to see your waistline shrink and your jeans fit better. Or interchange it with videos like my muffin top destroyer, or love handle eliminator for excellent results. Also, if you’re looking for a longer yoga class try adding on “yoga for the splits” or “yoga for leg flexibility” and you feel the benefits for the rest of the day.