An incredible 5 minute arm workout that will tone and sculpt like never before. If you struggling to lose extra arm fat or simply looking for a way to gain more lean muscle definition, well this workout is for you!

Without having to use any weight resistance or other props, we will use the force of gravity to do this super quick and effective upper body workout. This pilates class will make you feel the burn in under 5 minutes.

If you’re struggling with ‘saggy’ and weak arms, or are in need of something that will strengthen every small and big muscle group in your upper body then this workout is for you!


This Boho Beautiful 5 minute arms miracle is the perfect workout class to do at the end of your other workouts. And if you need to take a little 5 minute break away from your everyday life and challenge the mind and body in a new way.

You can do this Pilates inspired arm workout sitting or standing. And if you focus on including this upper body toning movements into your daily routine, I promise you will see incredible results in no time.