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High Frequency Juice & Smoothies

Your Free Starter Guide to Giving Your Body More Love Than it Has Ever Received

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Fill Your Body with Nutrient-Dense Treasures

Make juices and smoothies a staple in your daily life, and enjoy more rewards to your health and well-being than you could have ever expected. Experience an incredible impact on your vitality, immune system, and overall physical and mental well-being.

Juicing and smoothies are beautiful instruments to fulfill Mother Earth's wishes in a natural, peaceful, and creative way.

Juliana & Mark Spicoluk

About High Frequency Juice & Smoothies

High Frequency Juice & Smoothies is a practical tool you can print or read anywhere on any device. Try new recipes and ingredients with an open mind, and learn to incorporate them in your daily life. Notice incredible changes not only in your body & mind, but also in your skin, energy levels, and overall state of balance & being.

42 Pages

A curated selection of juice & smoothie recipes

Introduction & guidelines

Nutritional information

Superfoods & their benefits

Shopping list & substitutions

Tips & hacks from Juliana & Mark

It’s absolutely FREE as a gift from our kitchen to yours!

Yes, High Frequency Juice & Smoothies is for You…

Juices and smoothies are the cornerstones of any ongoing journey to a healthier lifestyle. They can act as healthy meal replacements when you’re on the go, and contribute to more positive dietary habits. Following these recipes will open you to the great reward of higher-value nutrition.

And inside High Frequency Juice & Smoothies, you will find:

Our experience with juices & smoothies

Our favourite brands and products

The components of a good juice/smoothie

How to get creative with your recipes

How to approach substitutions & restrictions

The secret to success with juicing

The more often we practiced this daily ritual, the more our bodies began to crave healthier nourishment rather than the typical junk cravings.

Juliana & Mark Spicoluk

Tap Into Mother Earth

We believe Mother Earth created so many wonderful gifts for us to receive great reward, and that she wants us all to thrive and radiate healthy positive energy. This is why there is such an abundance of vitality to be accessed in her offerings. We hope these recipes inspire you to access more of her abundance, and help you elevate your own thirst for health to bring your physical and mental state to a higher vibration.

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