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The Yoga Journey Handbook

Your Free Guide to Walking the Yogic Path to a Beautiful Life

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Explore traditional theory, techniques, and styles (with Boho Beautiful variations). Learn how yoga has shaped us into more kind, compassionate, and loving humans. And find out how making yoga a way of life can do the same for you.

Yoga is the acknowledgment of our oneness, the universal all, and a pathway for each of us to converse with it… both on and off the mat.

Mark Spicoluk

About the Yoga Journey Handbook

The Yoga Journey Handbook is a practical tool you can print & take to your mat, or read anywhere on any device. Inspire your next step, open your mind and heart to explore the unknown, and experience the depth and diversity yoga has to offer in creating a life you love & are proud of.

55 Pages

16 Yoga Styles & Variations

32 Free Video Classes

8 Limbs of Yoga

7 Chakras

3 Breathwork Techniques

2 Meditational Hand Positions

Limitless Possibilities

…and it’s absolutely FREE as a gift from our hearts to yours!

Yes, The Yoga Journey Handbook is for You…

The journey from the first time you step on a yoga mat to where you are today and where you’ll arrive tomorrow is unique for each person. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of “what is yoga?” But there is a rich history and tradition that run as common threads through the practice of yoga today.

And inside The Yoga Journey Handbook, you will find:

What yoga means to us

The stories behind each of our yoga journeys

Lessons on energy, chakras, mudras, and pranayama

The philosophy behind the yogic diet & what to eat

Instruction on the 6 common types of yoga

Insight into 10 yoga variations we teach

The Yoga Journey Handbook Was Designed to Serve as a Guide

In order to make the most of your yoga journey, you don’t need years of practice or to be a certain age, size, or level of fitness. You don’t even need to be flexible. All you need is an open heart & mind and a willingness to experiment.

Use this handbook as a trusted guide to help you:

Find the yogic style that best suits your unique journey

Discover your authentic self by walking the yogic path

Unlock your personal power through the flow of prana through your body

Embody compassion by learning about the yogic diet

Create lasting change in your life through dedicated practice

Find peace and serenity with meditation

Attain physical, emotional, and mental balance

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the universe

Yoga is leading center of my life…it is everything that fuels all that I am and stand for, and the exciting part is that I feel like it’s only the beginning.

Juliana Spicoluk

Yoga is a Journey, Not a Destination

And like any journey, the more prepared you are, the more enjoyable and fulfilling it will be. That’s why we created The Boho Beautiful Yoga Journey Handbook – to help you make the most of your yoga journey. Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for years, this handbook has beautiful insights and teachings for you to explore.

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