| We Sold All Our Belongings & Left Everything Behind |


So you’re selling all your stuff, you’ve quit on all your commitments, you’re getting into a van, and driving into the mountains? Is everything ok? – The question that has risen quite a few times as we announce to our friends the plans that are coming for us.

Yes, it is true. We have sold all of our belongings, quit our jobs in Toronto, bought a used van, got our dog, a suitcase each, some filming gear and off we go.

Have we lost our minds or have we for the first time finally got it?

What is this life all about? Why are we here, living the lives we do?

 In this fast driven Toronto city of “hustling”, “money-making”, and “numbing daily routines”, day-by-day we felt ourselves drift. Drift away mentally and spiritually, almost like we’re unable to relate to most people. And trust us, we have met a lot of wonderful and beautiful friends through our time in Toronto but its time to go.

Life has blessed us with opportunities so that we can make a step forward in exploring this beautiful unpredictable adventure called life. And our hearts are filled with pure gratitude for how this amazing adventure has opened up for us.

Is it scary to leave like that? I can’t say it’s not. Its scary changing your life. Stepping forward into the complete unknown, without a plan, a security line, or a plan B ready to be played. But at the same time I’ve never felt so liberated in my life. And every time someone asks so where will you go next, it’s thrilling to hear ourselves stutter on the words, “we don’t know.”

No more attachments, just our love, our dog, and this beautiful experience of existence. We’re about to drive upon an empty road that will lead us to beautiful, adventurous, frighting, and awakening experiences.

An empty road ahead, and a coloured road behind as we leave behind the memories, and experiences created in this part of the world. Life can be so beautiful if we simply look at each moment of time with gratitude, with acceptance of what became of it, and with happiness for the beautiful souls we have had the pleasure to spend time with.

Compared to the time span of the universe, within the eternal cosmos, our human life is so short and quick. Life is like a grain of sand on a giant beach, swapped back in with one wave into the ocean before we even realize what we are and why we are here in the first place. So maybe this is our time to realize that we don’t have time to wait to explore that which we are. That which occupies the bodies that we have, the names that we carry, and this moment in time that we exist in. Perhaps it is a strong pull within both of us that tells us we have more to give to this world.

We have more we can do to help the animals suffering everyday, the planet that is suffocating in it’s own filth, the people that are sacrificed each day for the wealth and pleasures of the “1%”. We have not done enough, and we feel like now its our time to do what we can. So that when we’re old, rocking in our chairs, we can remember this time and proudly say “yes”. We did what had to be done, we did what most are afraid of, we gave all that we could and that’s all that matters.

“Behold the barefooted wanderer, riding on the wild wind, in pursuit of love, life, and liberty.” 

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  • Jisu says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your stories and ideas… I’m always here rooting for you guys, being given positive energy from you!

  • Sahar says:

    It is a wonderful thing that i stumbled upon your website. It wasn’t until today that i realized you had one. I have always enjoyed yoga and meditation and i stopped for a long period of time. Then one day i wanted to get back into it and stumbled across your youtube channel and did all of your meditations, and i continue to do your yoga videos today. It is a blessing that i was able to find someone who shares the same thoughts as me, someone who wishes to better their minds, and the world in which they live in. I can not explain to you how much meditation has brought peace within myself. I have many opportunities that have somehow found me before i could search for them. It is in this moment that i have been feeling the need to travel because, in reality the mind is always searching for more always trying to achieve a new level of bliss. I have plans to travel the world and I’m actually starting to. It’s not scary at all, It’s the unknown like you stated, and the change that can be scary. To me it is thrilling, and i know that life will give me exactly what i need, and i know now that there are people out there like me (you also) who are in search for what life has to offer, as well as doing all that is available before the unknown hour stops. Thank you for inspiring me and continuing to give me the gift i can not explain but know that i feel it in my heart. Namaste.

  • Camille says:

    About a year ago I found your videos on YouTube. I was working as an executive level leader in a job that was literally killing me from the stress (according to my chiropractor) and forcing me to executive decisions that I knew were not ethical. I began practicing with you every morning at 5 am and for several months I cried the entire time. In May of 2016 I was fired because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore and I spoke my peace with my CEO. It was one of the most freeing days of my life. In my journey back to who I am and what I have to offer the world, you all have been such an inspiration. Just days after I left my job, I stopped crying during yoga and began to return to the beautiful soul I had stuffed down within in when working to play the part of a hardened executive. My husband and I, (we are 45 and 46) love the level of wisdom and insight you both have. When we each offer what we are put on this planet to share and stop worrying about possessions, big houses, statues, and the American Dream, our world will heal. Thank you for sharing who you are and what you have to offer. I tell people daily about my great yoga instructor on Youtube!

  • Tamsin Job says:

    Hi Juliana and mark
    I absolutely love your YouTube channel. I’ve been doing it for about 4/5months now and I love the yoga, workout and meditation. I have come so far in my body and mind. You inspire me to want to travel and see beautiful places in the world, to expand my mind. Just seeing all the beautiful places you have been, it’s amazing. So I just wanted to say thank you, you have really opened my mind and helping me become a better version of myself.

  • Christopher says:

    Your story is inspiring and I look forward to hearing your successes and growing pains on this exciting journey. Love and Light to you both! Christopher

  • Christopher says:

    Good luck guys, may you be blessed in your journey.

  • I absolutely love this. I have been feeling the same way lately. I always hated feeling tied down to material positions to external factors. The last year or so my kids and I have given up so much of our lives to care for my father who has many disabilities and health issues. Then my mom got sick, when she went to the hospital she told me she was going to fight because “there’s still so much to do.” She felt like she hadn’t helped humanity enough. (Even though I know she more than helped so so many people and causes.) She passed away, but that thought lingers. My brother insisted my dad move to a nursing home because caring for him alone was really affecting my health horribly and hurting my kids emotionally. But now we no longer have anything tying us down, online school is a thing, and my lease is about to run out in a couple months with no hopes of renewing. I feel like it’s time for my kids and I to embark on a journey to live life, to help as many people and animals as we can, and to learn what is truly important to us! I love that you are doing this right now. I am finding so much inspiration in your journey and can’t wait to see where it takes you next!

  • Julietta says:

    Go right ahead and find your own journey and connection with life. You have nothing to loose and so much to gain. My husband and I are at the end of our working lives and were never game enough to do just that. I envy your spirit and your inner strength. you are both inspirational and I love your yoga videos. I follow them most mornings before i get ready for a gruelling day at work. It helps enormously for myself, my body and my mind. Thank you.

  • Christina says:

    This is so inspirational, beautiful.

  • Kobelah says:

    Be safe.

    You may find after a while you feel a yearning for a sense of place and community. That is especially true if you feel called to grow your family. Nothing wrong with having a “home base” somewhere on the planet.

    Your friends and family remain. Keeping in touch is good for everyone in the long run.

    Love you guys. Take care of each other. And if you ever start to argue, find the problem and make changes to fix it together without blame. Worth it. :0)


    K S B

  • Juliana & Mark says:

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom! We really appreciate it and yes this year will be the time we go through growth and adventure to find a place that suits us best for one day settling down in. We know it will be in nature, just not sure where yet. 😉 Lots of love! Juliana and Mark

  • Juliana & Mark says:

    Thanks so much Chin! So amazing to hear from you…we appreciate your kind words! Lots of love to you and hope all is well in your life. <3

  • Juliana & Mark says:

    Thank you so much…thats the plan. Taking everyone on our crazy journey with us <3

  • Juliana & Mark says:

    awe Camille its all about the baby steps and it sounds like you’re on your way. The first thing is to realize thats there’s a need for change and then its all about what steps to take to make that happen. Don’t worry about other people expectations of you etc. the most important thing in life is your health and happiness. Life is too short to not live everyday with passion, excitement and happiness. also don’t be afraid, you can make a change in this world with simply inspiring one person and then that person inspires the next and on and on. Its a beautiful ripple of positivity. Thank you so much for your support lots of love to you <3

  • Juliana & Mark says:


  • Juliana & Mark says:

    awe thank you so much Natalie, that means a lot to us! Lots of love to you <3

  • Juliana & Mark says:

    Thank you so much Christina. Glad to hear you liked it <3

  • Juliana & Mark says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement Julietta! We’re so happy to know that our videos help you start your day! Wishing you and your husband lots of love and light! <3

  • Juliana & Mark says:

    Thank you so much Valerie! Wow it sounds like everything is opening up for you in your life to go and follow your heart. I really hope you and your children go out there and take on this adventure! You’re so right that anything is possible these days with home schooling and if you have nothing tying you guys down then do it! There are many sanctuaries in the world that need volunteers and many beautiful places to experience so I’m excited for what lies ahead of you and your children. Thanks so much for sharing your story and we wish you so much love, happiness, and joy as you embark on a new path! Lots of love to you! <3

  • Juliana & Mark says: