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The Water Element: I feel

By August 15, 2019Yoga

‘All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop’





Earlier (right here), we spoke about the presence of the elements within each one of us, and how each of these fundamental energies offers us the incredible opportunity to heal, and to grow.

Each element represents a state of matter within Mother Nature. Intuitively, Earth is solid, Water is liquid and Air is gas. Fire, is the state of transformation between two states – and Space, holds all of the above.

From solid, we now move to liquid.

Let’s explore the second element…




‘To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature and life itself.’



Water: the element of movement, feminine energy, feeling, forgiveness and cleansing.

Water is emotion.

Water is fluid. It has no shape of its own but rather follows the shape of the earth below it, or what holds it.

We can look at our physical bodies as the incredible earthen containers of the fluid essence that flows through them, our emotions.

Our structure provides shape, but water is what fills that structure… allowing it to flow and to change. Like water, we too must learn to let our energy flow, yield, cleanse, change, and release. After all, 60% of each one of us is made up of this beautiful element.

mark and Juliana Spicoluk in tibet

Boho Beautiful- Mark & Juliana Spicoluk




‘Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself hidden it its depths.’



Our emotions are quite simply the movement of energy within our bodies: energy in motion.

As awareness enters the bodies, it creates a subtle emotional reaction. In reverse, we could also say that emotions are the most physical aspect of our awareness. Have you ever noticed, how you can sometimes feel something before you mentally know it?

We feel the water element’s duality in our emotional fluctuations. That is to say…we range from happy to sad, inspired to discouraged, and so on.

It’s so important, and natural, that we feel a full range of emotions. We want to be able to feel both polarities, yet be centered and balanced within their range. If we are only able to experience one side, then we become emotionally unbalanced. On the other hand, if we are so caught up in the fluctuations that we cannot feel the centre, we lose our sense of self… becoming victims of our own emotional flow.

To prevent either of these cases, we must simply embrace the polarities, feel our emotions, and express ourselves freely – without losing connection to our own centre.

The centre of these polarities is the place of peace, where we can surrender, and truly let go. It forms the basis for our power, the energy that arises with the next incredible element: Fire.



Juliana And Mark Spicoluk In Tibet

Boho Beautiful Meditation By The Water

‘Always be like water. Float in the times of pain or dance like waves along the wind that touches its surface.’


Surrendering to the flow of the Universe, seems like an easy task when you feel at peace. However, it’s hard to say the same during those moments when we’re faced with challenge and obstacles. It’s not easy to give up control, though we do it more often than we think. Each time we accept a prescription, or fulfil all kinds of social obligations, to name a few.
We practice this motion of surrender constantly in our daily lives, so why when it comes to trusting the Universe, the Divine Energy that guides us all… do we hesitate? ⁣
It's might be hard to fathom one all-connecting beautiful energy (whatever name you wish to call it) that guides us all along this path of existence. But the fact is, that whether we chose to believe or not… either way we are right. Because our perception truly does become our reality.

It's up to us to decide whether to surrender to our guided path of growth and evolution, or to fight against the current, grabbing hold and struggling with everything that may be there to challenge us. It’s just a choice. ⁣

So, as we make peace with our past and face our fears of the future, remember it truly is up to us to decide the direction of our present moment. We cannot connect the dots looking forward, we can only connect them as we look back – so we must allow ourselves to trust in every experience that presents itself… to know it’s there for a reason, whether we know what that is, or not. ⁣


The Spicoluks

Yam Dok Lake- Tibet



‘Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Be water, my friend.’



For us, there’s something about the oceans, lakes, and rivers that call to us no matter where we are. Near water we can find a calming and peaceful vibration when we close our eyes and breath steady. As if we are a part of it. We seem to always take a moment after each shoot day or trip as a whole to reconnect through water. To realign and recharge.

In yoga, by channelling the water element through fluid movement and deep release,  we remove blocked and  stagnant negative energy from our bodies.

We have recently posted an Element Series yoga class on YouTube, focused on the Water element. If the above resonated with you, or you are feeling disconnected with your emotions, I encourage you to try this class.

A fluid Vinyasa Flow, this class is perfect for getting the body moving and flowing, using the pranayama practice of Ujayi breath, to mirror the sound of the ocean with each exhalation.

Upon these exhalations, let go of any negative energy, and all that no longer serves you. Welcome beautiful and radiant positive energy with each new breath. Focus, let go, and enjoy the flow.




Anodea Judith & Selene Vega, ‘The sevenfold journey reclaiming mind, body & spirit through the chakras,’ (New York, Crossing Press, 1993).