This yoga flow is perfect for those of you that have always wanted to achieve the splits or if you’re simply looking to gain more flexibility in your legs and open up the hips. The different postures that will be included in this particular flow will help you loosen the hamstrings, loosen tight hips, and let go of any tension within your lower body. If you are looking to attain fast results in your leg flexibility, we highly recommend doing this video at least 4-5 times per week so you can really start to train and loosen the lower body. A great time to do this flow would be after a tough workout or in the morning when you want to get the juices flowing and the body fully awake to start the day.

Make sure you take your time with the stretches. Don’t push too much, too fast. Try to attain a position where you are able to hold the posture without too much pain. Speaking of pain, never push through any sharp, electric, or shooting pain. That is what we call the “bad pain” as it is usually your body letting you know that you are going too far for what it can handle and this can potentially cause injury. Listen to your body, breathe, and take your time. Be patient, stay dedicated to daily practice and you will get the results you are looking for.

Namaste XO