This yoga for strength class is all about finding balance and peace, while working through challenging yoga poses. Our practice today will help you find the inner power within your being for optimal physical and spiritual strength.

Yoga For Strength: What To Expect

We will work through different variations of lunges, Warrior Twos, and standing asanas. This yoga for strength and healing class will help you reconnect with the inner energy of your soul. Throughout this yoga flow we will breathe, we will contemplate, we will hold and balance. We will reconnect with our inner voice that speaks from the heart. This inner voice will assist us in finding that deeper sensation of true self love for our bodies and for our current present existence.

Yes, this is a yoga class for physical strength, but even more so you will end class feeling stronger within—mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Be Patient & Loving With Yourself

Being patient and loving will be the key to this yoga for strength practice today. Surrendering and allowing the postures to take you further into this experience of yoga, self-discovery, and inner peace. Remember, breathing is a very important factor in any style of yoga. Allow the breath to bring oxygen to your muscles, organs, and mind. Re-energize your nervous system, let go of stress and tension, and become fully present in each moment of each posture as you let go of the past with each exhale you make.

Yoga is a journey. It is important to remember that every day you show up to your mat you will have a new practice. Be kind to yourself as you embark on this journey and know that with each class you do, you will grow stronger physically and spiritually.

Enjoy the yoga class & let go of all that no longer serves you.