Today’s class is a quick and effective yoga for back pain class that will help release lower back discomfort. As we release tension in the back, we will strengthen the spine and back muscles. If you often experience back pain, then this class will provide some instant relief. While our yoga for back pain class is great for relieving current back pain that you may be feeling, it also helps heal the back long term to prevent unwanted discomfort in the future.

Yoga For Back Pain

As we strengthen the back muscles, we create more support and stability for keeping the spine healthy and mobile. Some of our back strengthening poses today include variations of table top and cobra. These poses will warm up the body and bring life to the spine. We will begin with a child’s pose to settle into this space and bring awareness to the spine. Our class will end with a deep hip opening pose to decompress the spine and lengthen the back muscles.

If you find yourself dealing with back pain or recovering from a back injury, this is a great recovery yoga class for back pain and injury. If your back is stiff, this class may be challenging to you. Take it at your own pace and be gentle with your body. Remember to breathe deeply into each posture to allow your body to go deeper and receive the full benefit of each pose.

Today’s class includes gentle back conditioning to help with sciatica pain and disk herniation. Every yoga pose in today’s class will help improve the general well being of the back muscles. Try to include these free back healing and care exercises whenever you begin to feel back pain, stress, and discomfort. Add this yoga class into your routine and repeat it often for a healthy back that will feel good for years to come.