This 20 minute wake up yoga class for strength and inner power is an incredible way to energize your body. In this class, you will wake up your mind and increase your flexibility. It is a perfect wake up yoga class for mornings, but this yoga flow is also wonderful for any time of day. No matter when you practice this wake up yoga class, you will benefit from inner alignment and an energy refresh at any point of the day. While this class is incredibly beneficial to the mind and spirit, it is also a strengthening class with some challenging asanas.

Wake Up Yoga: What To Expect

Throughout class you will remain with your conscious breath and awareness through each movement. This yoga class will have you moving through different planks, chaturangas, warrior poses, and full body movement. This yoga flow will allow you to build incredible strength in your lower body and shoulders.

As you flow through each strengthening and challenging movement, remember to stay connected to your breath. Anytime the yoga poses become difficult, take an extra deep breath of oxygen to regenerate your cells. You can always pause and take a childs pose when you need a break. Muscular stamina will be crucial, but it will improve over time with dedicated practice. Remember to be patient with your body and never force any posture.

This yoga class is geared for more intermediate level yogis. If you are new to yoga, take as many modifications as you need. Do your best and never force anything. Simply surrender to the idea that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. And with time, patience, dedication, and hard work your body will naturally respond and increase in flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance.

So roll out that mat. Work hard and have fun.