Yes, it is true. We have sold all of our belongings, quit our jobs in Toronto, bought a used van, got our dog, a suitcase each, some filming gear and off we go.

Life has blessed us with opportunities so that we can make a step forward in exploring this beautiful unpredictable adventure called life. And our hearts are filled with pure gratitude for how this amazing adventure has opened up for us.

Is it scary to leave like that? I can’t say it’s not. Its scary changing your life. Stepping forward into the complete unknown, without a plan, a security line, or a plan B ready to be played. But at the same time I’ve never felt so liberated in my life. And every time someone asks so where will you go next, it’s thrilling to hear ourselves stutter on the words, “we don’t know.”

No more attachments, just our love, our dog, and this beautiful experience of existence. We’re about to drive upon an empty road that will lead us to beautiful, adventurous, frighting, and awakening experiences.