This guided meditation video was shot on Aug 21st 2017 during the solar eclipse. Shot in Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, in Canada and then posted on our Patreon, we are so happy to now be sharing this easy guided 15 minute meditation with you now. New moons and solar eclipse’s are perfect moments to start again, to heal, and to rebalance oneself. And we hope that this guided meditation will give you what you need right now. Weather that be learning to meditate and beginning to grow the foundations of meditation, or as part of your everyday meditation practice. ♥ Each and everyone one of us comes across a time in our lives when we are in need of healing. May it be physically, emotionally, or even spiritually. Our minds are more powerful then we give them credit. Once we recognize that we can truly heal ourselves with our thoughts, and the energy we surround ourselves with, we start to live and see the world from a different perspective. Find a comfy spot, put on some headphones, and join me in our Meditation for Healing.