Our Total Body Power Yoga Workout class is a 25 minute yoga workout that is perfect for anyone looking for a toning and strengthening fitness class that requires no equipment and is under 30 minutes. This power yoga workout is an online yoga practice that boosts metabolism, works up a sweat, and elevates your heart rate.

Power Yoga Workout: What To Expect

In this class be prepared to tone, build strength and feel energized. Be ready to work all major muscle groups in the body, especially your core—the powerhouse of your entire body. This class has some challenging poses in it, but you can always practice modifications. This is an all levels yoga class. We will wind down our practice with some deep breathing to recharge for the day.

This power yoga workout proves that a workout for results doesn’t have to be in the gym. Mat based workouts are effective and enough—especially when they are combined with powerful, strength-building and balancing yoga poses. Together we will stretch to increase flexibility, and we will flow to better connect with our inner being and the breath.

Find Your New Potential

We will push ourselves to new limits every time we do this class. Each time you do this yoga class you will feel yourself grow stronger, and you will see more results in both your yoga practice and your overall health. Remember that yoga is a practice and you will see more results if you dedicate yourself to a daily practice.

If you are looking to feel incredible results then this power yoga workout class is for you. Your body will feel great, and your mind will feel clear. It’s a perfect workout for both your body and your mind! Try this class in the morning to feel a burst of energy and a boost of confidence throughout your day.

So grab mat and your water and let’s do this!