Community Dog Welfare Kopan-

By donating any amount that you can to Kate and Doug’s Organization, it will ensure that they have the funds needed to continue taking care of the sick, abandoned, and mistreated animals on the streets of Nepal.

Nepal Boho Diary: Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

Even though extremely difficult, we feel like this was important to share a situation that life presented to us and tested us in so many ways. Our time in Nepal made us really think about the reality of how fragile life is. And that in any moment you could be taking your very last breath. Our love and hearts go out to all the people in Nepal and the people around the world fighting the good fight for all the sentient and helpless human and non-human creatures of this Earth. Thank you for standing up for what’s right, for not walking away and leaving someone else to deal with the problem. Thank you for opening your heart to those that need us most.

May we all live our lives with more love and compassion.