Take a peek inside our daily intermittent fasting routine. This video is a day in the life of Boho Beautiful as we intermittent fast, calorie count, and nutrient track. We go through our daily rituals of superfood coffees, sulphoraphane skin lotions, and monitoring our daily water intake.

Intermittent fasting has been one of the key components to a lot of our personal optimization. This practice has shown us the direct connection between eating in the 8-16 fasting window to increased energy, creativity, and productivity every day. We are new to calorie tracking, but have already seen great value to counting, keeping a diary, and calculating your daily calorie intake to hit strategic dietary and healthy goals!

Come behind the scenes with us on our shoot day in Nicaragua. Shooting our new 2020 program called Boho Beautiful Retreat, content for our Patreon community, as well as Pilates classes on the beach for our YouTube channel.