If you suffer from hip pain and tightness these 4 yoga postures will help release sore muscles, tight hips and pain, aching psoas, sciatica, and any other overall lower back and body muscle soreness.

These four postures can be modified to all levels and used as part of your yoga practice, after any workout classes, or even at the end of your gym workouts.

The yoga poses will also increase your hip and leg flexibility which will help you not only prevent future injuries but also help you take your fitness and yoga practice to the next level.

Allow yourself to stay in these postures for at least 1-2 minutes and I promise you will see results in your body in no time. Just be careful. DON’T push past your comfort zone. Listen to your body.


Sending you healing and calming energy,

Juliana and Mark Spicoluk- Boho Beautiful