Our last few months have been very busy and at times extremely difficult. Not only are we almost ready to release our first DVD and Healthy Eating Guide but we have also been starting a new chapter in our life, and we left Toronto. So we wanted to take this time to firstly thank all of you wonderful souls for the love, the support, and for your patience as we’ve been completely wrapped up in this transition but are now ready to start a new way of life.

As the new year is approaching we can’t help but look back at this year with complete gratitude and excitement for the new adventures, new videos, and the new memories we’re about to make.

We’re so blessed for having such a strong and loving community surrounding Boho Beautiful and we can’t wait to get back to our usual output of creating more new content and engaging with all of you.

2016 truly was a year of change, and we both learned when you embrace the change that life brings your way wonderful inspiring amazing things can happen.