Would you like to have your full splits in 14 days? Join Boho Beautiful for this full splits challenge! This challenge will help you achieve next level flexibility. If you have always wanted to do the splits, this challenge is the perfect way to motivate yourself to practice daily and see results. Once you have the splits, you will be amazing at how much else you can do in your yoga practice.

Full Splits In 14 Days: What To Expect

This 15 minute yoga practice is the perfect way to increase your lower body flexibility and release any tension or stiffness out of your hamstrings and hips. Whether you are taking on the 14 day splits challenge, or simply including this practice into your daily workout or personal yoga practice, this class will give you all the benefits that you are looking for. This is an all levels yoga class that will help you increase your flexibility immensely.

We will begin class by opening up the hamstrings and hip flexors. It is important to breathe deeply and not hold the breath when these deep stretches get challenging.

We tend to hold a lot of stress and emotional heaviness in the hip region of our bodies, especially the psoas muscles, so as we go deeper into each yoga posture in this hip opening yoga class, allow yourself to let go of any emotional stress and heaviness that you may feel.

Don’t hold anything back, simply let go and release all that no longer serves you. And you may find yourself in full splits in 14 days!