Itching to escape society? We were too.

It’s been just over 3 years since we started this channel on a hell bent mission to change our lives. We were definitely unhappy and felt the direction of the path that we were headed on wasn’t what our souls were asking for. We knew there was more to life than Toronto. More to things than the ego driven rat race we had found ourselves participating in. So we designed, alchemised, and began our escape. This journey has been a roller-coaster of extremes. But so far it has been more fulfilling, exciting, & beautiful a ride than we ever believed we could ask for.

As we hiked the incredible mountain of Mardi Himal in Nepal, our minds began to go back in time and reflect on this journey that we’ve set upon.

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How To Escape Society & Walk Away

May this travel blog and Boho Diary of our difficult Mardi Himal trek inspire anyone out there that is itching to find a way out of any situation that doesn’t fill them up. Our society at times can feel like a cage, prisoning us in a cycle of debt, bills, mortgage payments, and the constant fear that we don’t have enough. Just know there is always a way out. If there is a burn in your heart and you feel like your soul is being killed by the constant pressures of our western world, then take a moment and realize that anything is possible. And that you too can figure out a way to pack up and leave.

We meet people all the time that quit their corporate jobs and move to an island or a smaller town with a slower pace of life. They start a small business, an ice cream shop, they make jewelry and sell it on etsy, they run airbnb’s or life coaching online business, etc. Times are not what they used to be 20 years ago, the boom of the internet has opened the door for so many self made entrepreneurs to be born. So if there’s an itch in your heart and a whisper in your soul, listen. Don’t drown out the noise, but instead listen closely as it will guide you on how to break free and find all that it longs for.

Love & Light,

Juliana and Mark