It’s a special opportunity to be able to control how something you care deeply about will end. It wasn’t easy but we have decided that we would rather tie it up properly than let the Boho Diary Series go on for too long. That is not to say we might not start a second series down the line just like it, and we are definitely NOT stopping making youtube content for you all, but we are peacefully putting the final chapter of this series out into the universe. Thank you so much to every single one of you who connected, enjoyed, and allowed our journey in South East Asia to affect you in any way at all. We will continue bringing you all more yoga, fitness, food, life, and meditation videos however, as far as Boho Diaries go, this is it for a while. Having to returned to North America we are now about to embark on a new adventure, The Boho Beautiful Positive Movement Tour 2017! 40 stops across USA, 3 months on the road in our van with our dog. A new van life ahead of us with triumphs, struggles, new connections, and memorable experiences. Here’s to new adventures and never forgetting the past adventures that got us here. XO With love, Juliana & Mark