Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the incredible donors, people that shared our video, and simply spread the word about the current elephant crisis going on in this world. The money we raised together with you guys may not change the world, but it will change these elephants world. SO again thank you for opening your hearts and wallets. This is just the beginning….until every chain is broken. Elephant Haven Thailand (Kanchanaburi) is part of the Elephant Nature Park organization based in Chang Mai, and although Elephant Haven was once a trekking camp providing tourists with elephant riding and entertainment, it has since been converted into a place where elephants can recover in peace and be elephants again. The business of people using Elephants to acquire easy tourist dollars is ugly, abusive, shameful, and unfortunately quite profitable… but places like Elephant Haven & Elephant Nature park serve both as sanctuaries for these animals and as necessary experiential education for tourists and animal lovers alike. They help shine a light on the need for us to reevaluate our relationships to this planet’s most wonderful creatures.