This yoga workout challenge is the perfect yoga & fitness class melded into one. In a blissful 20 minute mat based workout you will receive a full body workout for your legs, core, and upper body. Sweat hard, move fast, breath beautifully, and in no time at all the best and incredible results will be yours for not just your mind, but your body too. At times these exercises might get a bit difficult so just breathe and be patient with yourself. Take the time you need to build strength and if you stay dedicated to the daily exercise schedule and involvement of this workout challenge, I promise you will feel and look amazing from the inside out.

We wanted to start 2020 with an incredibly effective yoga workout challenge for everyone. This free challenge is the perfect way to set and smash your 2020 fitness goals, bring in stunning results, and set both you mind and body up for an incredibly successful year. Yoga workouts are a perfect fusion of the rhythm, movement, and flow of yoga coming together with the motion, fluidity, and exercise of mat based pilates and fitness. For both a beautiful strengthen and stretch.

We truly hope you enjoy all that this challenge has to offer you.

Here is the link to the workout schedule/ PDF.