This is one of the best healthy smoothies we’ve made because of two sneaky ingredients. You’ll never taste these ingredients in the smoothie itself, but they pack in loads of nutrients. By adding one serving of boiled, and then frozen cauliflower, and an avocado, you receive a daily amount of Vitamin C and K. In addition to the vitamins, you’ll also get all those omega-3 fatty acids.

Best Healthy Smoothies: Chocolate Cauliflower Fudge Smoothie Recipe

This healthy smoothie recipe is one of our favorite go-to healthy vegan blended smoothies. It can be difficult to create beautiful, colorful blended drinks that are both nutritious and delicious. But whenever we are craving something chocolate and creamy, this dense smoothie is easily the best choice. Then once you mix it up with a spoonful of cocoa powder and medjool dates, you get yourself some real chocolate ‘veggie fudge’. And with so many nutritional benefits, this smoothie makes a perfect meal replacer and a super nutrient dense breakfast smoothie.

Plus, if you have kids…this is the perfect way to “sneak” in some veggies while they think they’re only drinking a yummy chocolate smoothie.

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We have learned through personal experience that by truly listening to our bodies’ dietary wishes, we are naturally lead to an abundance of health and vitality. By adopting recipes which use the incredible, healthy, nutrient-dense treasures of Mother Earth, we can truly serve and love our bodies more than ever before.

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