Battling Addiction.

There is a time when a habit turns into an addiction, and no matter how big or small it time it becomes an issue. Before we can figure out a solution to cure this digital addiction we must come to the realization that we have a problem. This is not to downplay or minimize other types of what our culture will scream are much more ‘serious’ physical addictions to the myriad of terrible things that we as human beings find ourselves mixed up with. Those too in their own right need as much attention and loving kindness as possible. But this is to bring to light the idea that first there is a problem, and second we need to admit it and do something about it sooner than later.

The thing is, we didn’t see this coming. And now it has a grip on us so bad- it snuck up like a guerrilla in the night. Its skewed individual’s self worth, image, confidence and even will to live. And as a collective even though it’s hard to wrap our head around the entirety, it’s becoming more clear each day that its affected our democratic process and played a major role in summoning and hypnotizing new violence of all kinds in our streets and in our neighbourhoods. What was once thought to bring us all together and connect us, has severed us from ourselves and each other. It’s much more than anyone would have thought when we first picked up our phones, how many years ago now?

Self awareness is the first step. Monitoring our own behaviour. Recognizing the habits, the triggers, and what the small things are that we can implement into our day to day lives which will help. There are ways to heal, we just need to arrive at the moment in our life and realize that no one will save us from this social media trap except ourselves.



Here are a few of our ideas that can help raise more self awareness as well as give you some space necessary to start recognizing and managing the problem.

– disconnect your social media for a week and monitor the results

– practice “digital free sundays”

– do not check your phone for as long as possible each morning

– implement a self imposed phone curfew every night, then shut it off

– do not sleep next to your phone… buy a real alarm clock

– leave it at home when you don’t need it

– schedule time to check your phone during the day rather than it scheduling you

– turn OFF notifications

– call people or meet up with them instead of type

– prioritize nature and leave it behind when you do

– don’t charge your phone in the bedroom and do your best every time you reach, to be aware of why you are reaching.


Checking social media 6 times a day for ten minutes = 1 hour

1 hour for 7 days a week = 7 hours per week

1 hour for 30 days a month = 30 hours a month

30 hours a month for a year = 360 hours a year

360 hours divided into 24 hour days = 15 days (when one day = 24 hours)

Note- After all the menial things we as humans have to do in a day (eating, bathing, bathroom, rituals, basic human tasks) we thought calculating a day as a 12 hour day was a fair (and easy) number to work with for the amount of waking hours we have available to chose what we want to spend them on.

360 hours (on social media a year) divided by 12 hour days = 30 days of waking conscious ’human time.’ AND 30 DAYS EQUALS 1 MONTH!

Therefore: 1 hour a day on social media = 1 month of a calendar year on social media (all from checking your social media six times a day for ten minutes each time)